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Meet the team behind Aqueduct

Vikram Sreekanti
Co-Founder & CEO

Vikram has a BS and PhD in computer science from Cal, where he focused on simplifying cloud infrastructure before co-founding Aqueduct at the end of 2020.

Chenggang Wu
Co-Founder & CTO

Chenggang has a PhD from Berkeley and a BS from Brown. His dissertation work focused extensively on scalable cloud infrastructure, which won him the ACM SIGMOD Dissertation Award in 2022.

Joe Hellerstein
Co-Founder & Chief Scientist

Joe has been a professor at Cal for over 25 years, working in databases, data systems, and ML systems. He has also cofounded a number of companies, most recently Trifacta (acquired by Alteryx).

Joey Gonzalez
Co-Founder & VP, Product

Joey is a professor at UC Berkeley and has spent the last decade working on prediction infrastructure. He has a PhD from CMU and previously cofounded Turi (acquired by Apple).

Suresh Ravoor
VP, Engineering

Suresh has been in Engineering Leadership at several startups and large companies like VMware, Cisco for ~28 years. He was most recently leading Engineering at SupportLogic (AI/ML for Support) and at Springpath (Hyper-converged Infrastructure) before that (acquired by Cisco).

Will Crosier
Head of Growth

Will joined the team in January 2022 after spending 2 years at Enlyft. Previously, he worked KeyBank and has a degree in Finance from Washington State.

Andre Giron
Software Engineer

Andre joined the team in August 2021 after spending a year at Joy and working at a number of companies, small & large. He has a BS from GeorgiaTech.

Eunice Chan
Software Engineer

Eunice has an MS and BS in EECS from Cal and joined Aqueduct in February 2022. She was previously at Walmart Labs.

Hari Subbaraj
Software Engineer

Hari has a BS and an MS from Cal, where he worked extensively in prediction infrastructure. He worked at LeapYear before joining the team in July 2021.

Kenneth Xu
Software Engineer

Kenneth has a BS and MS from Stanford, and he spent 4 years at Dropbox, working on the file system infrastructure team, before joining Aqueduct in June 2021.

Saurav Chhatrapati
Software Engineer

Saurav has an MS and BS in EECS from Cal and joined Aqueduct in June 2021.

Wei Chen
Software Engineer

Wei was the first engineer to join the team, having spent 4 years in the AI Infra team for Meta's voice assistant. Prior to that, Wei received his BS at Michigan and his MS at Stanford.

Origin Story

Our years of research at the UC Berkeley RISELab as well as our conversations with over 200 data teams has made it clear that getting data science & machine learning in production is the next critical step to unlock data team's impact.

By abstracting away software engineering complexity, Aqueduct empowers data scientists to design, deploy, manage, and debug workflows in the cloud to generate predictions you can trust.

Just as the Roman Aqueducts that dot our horizon today sustained flourishing societies thousands of years ago, we hope to inspire a new wave of innovation and growth by channelling data flows wherever they need to go.

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